The Need for National Guidelines and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry

It is time for Washington to footfall up and put legislation in abode that will force states to bigger adapt the home advance industry. Up to now Washington has larboard the adjustment of the home advance industry up to accompaniment regulators, and for whatever reason(s) abounding states accept collapsed appreciably short.

There are still some states that do not even accept architect licensing in abode for home improvements. For some of the states that do accept licensing, the authorization requirements do not cover that the appellant authenticate the adeptness to do any blazon of home advance work. (That is like adage I will affair you a authorization to cut hair but you don’t accept to authenticate that you apperceive how to cut hair……… ouch!) Again why do states bother arising licenses if there are no requirements to authenticate competence? Revenue? Or could it be that they charge added customer complaints for Customer Affairs and BBB to handle? The adverse after-effects of this botheration are that homeowners are the ones who are paying the amount by accepting poor adeptness and a avalanche of home advance problems.

Let’s be honest, the home advance industry does not assume to allure the a lot of reliable, honest and competent individuals. The allurement of a quick blade and the about affluence to “qualify” to do home advance work, brings abounding a “character” to your door. If I was a architect I bare to appoint humans for a array of acreage positions. A lot of of the people, who I interviewed and sometimes hired, seemed to accept the aforementioned blazon of problems with accomplished employers. These problems consisted of actuality corruption issues, bluntness issues, and believability issues. The activity basin never seemed to accept an over affluence of aptitude and employability to aces from.

I bethink consistently account commodity afterwards commodity that dealt with the cogent manpower curtailment in the home advance industry. The basal band of anniversary commodity would consistently be the same, “If you can acquisition an honest, reliable and competent accepting to plan for you, cull out all the stops to accumulate them!!!! Do whatever you charge to do to accumulate that accepting blessed because you’ll never apperceive if you will be advantageous abundant to acquisition anyone to yield their place.” As an owner, it was a actual connected and demanding botheration to accord with. You were about abashed to try and access activity assembly because you knew you would accept to try and acquisition anyone to do the added work. Finding advisers was consistently an adventure, an chance that I never looked advanced to.

For the endure 10-15 years the amount one botheration in the home advance industry is the abridgement of manpower. Abounding contractors are training and hiring minorities to try and break this above problem.

If you were to allocution to your accompaniment authorities about what is accepting done to advance regulations and screening in the home advance industry, they will apparently acquaint you something is in the works or there is no money for added regulations (testing). I accept been audition this for 30 years. The canton in which I reside (Suffolk County, New York) still does not crave any affirmation of home advance adeptness to access a home advance license. The fee has consistently gone up but the requirements accept appealing abundant backward the same. We are one of the accomplished burdened counties in the country, so I debris to accept there is no money to advance and apparatus a bigger policing and screening action in the home advance industry.

The Civic Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) is the alone civic alignment that offers acceptance of home advance individuals. They accept a amount of altered certifications that one could obtain. To access these certifications the appellant needs to authenticate a array of knowledge, alignment from acceptable business practices to activity knowledge. NARI’s capital acceptance is alleged – Certified Remodeler (CR). This acceptance requires the appellant to adapt an all-encompassing cast or resume of their acquaintance and ability as able-bodied as accepting a assertive account on an 8-hour exam. There are alone about 1000 CR’s, out of the hundreds of bags of home advance contractors in this country. I becoming this acceptance in 1994 and still proudly authority this acceptance today. I will accept that accepting this acceptance is a time arresting action and does yield ample effort, but it was able-bodied account it. What I aswell like about this acceptance is that it has to be renewed every year by demonstrating connected captivation and ability in the home advance industry.

Why again couldn’t Washington authorization some blazon of screening, nationwide, that all humans absorbed in accomplishing home improvements accept to be able to “pass” to access a license? This authorization could be acclimated nationwide. Use a screening action that emulates what NARI does for its certifications. You could accomplish the screening as simple as a absolute analysis with assorted best questions. A analysis that could be apparatus scored.

I anticipate an ideal bearings for licensing would be to bisect up home advance licensing into sub-licenses. For example, if you were a bath architect you would access a authorization for bath home improvements only. This would clarify what licensees are able to do, rather again arising one authorization that could abominably accord the consequence that the licensee is able of accomplishing any blazon of project.

The acumen I anticipate Washington needs to get complex with this botheration is because the American accessible doesn’t accept the time to delay for anniversary of the 50 states to appear up with a agnate solution, individually.

However, if Washington were to footfall up and authorization a civic screening and testing situation, you would still accept to abode the screening of the humans who appearance up to plan on your house. (if they were not the person(s) who was buried and licensed) These humans would hopefully be advisers of the accepting who was screened. Is the homeowner again aback to aboveboard one with not alive the abilities of the humans alive on their house? I tend to anticipate not, because the accepting who went through the screening and acquired the authorization would wish to accumulate the license. It is in the best absorption of the accountant alone to accomplish abiding the activity is done correctly. Problems advance if a architect has too abundant plan and attempts to get it all done by application amateur and amateur help. The allurement of commutual added plan and authoritative added money sometimes leads to his or her business accepting “out of control”. This after leads to superior and activity achievement problems. Advisers of accountant and buried contractors charge to “qualify” on some akin agnate to NARI’s advance carpenter certification.

Will any of these badly bare changes action any time soon? To be honest, I wouldn’t authority your animation cat-and-mouse for Washington to footfall up to the bowl and I don’t anticipate your accompaniment or bounded governments will badly advance home advance regulations either.

So what should a homeowner do to assure their home and property? Get the appropriate “tools” and ability to be able to assure your home from poor home advance decisions and situations.

The Home Advance Success Club of America(TM) ( can accord you all the appropriate ability and “tools” you need, after spending hours and hours accomplishing analysis and aggravating to amount out what to do. This club has a array of forums (chat room, bulletin board, buzz consultations and activity estimate-contract evaluations) to acknowledgment your questions about how to get abundant home advance results. Membership to this club aswell includes the use of The Home Advance Success System, which is a footfall by footfall home advance arrangement that shows you absolutely what to do and what not to do. This arrangement can be acclimated with any project. The club aswell includes a 30-day money aback agreement if you are not captivated with accepting a club member.

If you’re austere about accomplishing a home advance activity and attention your home, again accompany The Home Advance Success Club of America(TM). You will be blessed you did!

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By Hank Jaworowski, CR

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Author-The Home Advance Success System

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